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🧾 Spanberger Touts Endorsement from Accused Sexual Predator

WOODBRIDGE, Va. – Abigail Spanberger put out a statement today touting the opinion of Daniel Cortez, who, under pressure of a public hearing over two allegations of sexual harassment, resigned his position.

WHY IT MATTERS: Spanberger is openly touting the opinion of a man with a VERY troubled past. In 1994, while serving as a Stafford County Planning Commissioner, Daniel Cortez was forced to resign amid an inquiry into complaints filed by two women.

What They Said: The complaints filed by the two women stated "Mr. Cortez sexually harassed them and offered his vote for sex."

The release touts multiple facets of Cortez's opinion, including:

  • That "integrity and ethics should be the focal point for every elected office."

  • A regurgitation of Spanberger's lies that attempted to excuse her pulling out of the scheduled debate

  • That "[S]hameless liars remain a reflection not just on them, but us, by keeping voters politically cuckolded."

  • And encouraging voters to vote "the person, not the party" [See Spanberger's 100% voting record with Nancy Pelosi]

The Bottom Line: It matters who your friends are. As far as shameless liars go, Spanberger is chief among them. When it comes to integrity and ethics, we don't think those virtues are genuine from someone who stands with Daniel Cortez.



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