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‼️ Spanberger Melts Down, Runs From Debate

WOODBRIDGE, Va. – Last night, in a late night rant on Twitter, Abigail Spanberger melted down after pulling out of a confirmed debate hosted by the League of Women Voters and Prince William Committee of 100 with her opponent, Yesli Vega.

WHY IT MATTERS: Spanberger is looking to throw the blame on anyone but herself after pulling out in the wake of one of her surrogates introducing legislation to jail parents for...being parents.

  • Since pulling out of the debate, Spanberger has refused to answer questions from the press, leading voters to question her intentions and why she is hiding.

MOVING THE GOAL POSTS: In separate statements, the Vega campaign and LWV/PWC100 detailed the efforts they made to accommodate each of Spanberger's conditions for a debate:

  • When Spanberger objected to the moderator selected by the LWV/PWC100, Vega agreed to have a former CNN anchor as a moderator.

  • When Spanberger objected to the debate over security concerns, the Prince William County Police Department agreed to dedicate officers to the debate.

  • When Spanberger objected to format and media coverage, the hosts and the Vega campaign agreed to her conditions.

STILL, Spanberger chose to pull out, despite the best efforts of the event hosts and her opponent to make the event happen.

WHAT'S NEXT: In an interview with the Washington Examiner yesterday, Vega made it clear she is still willing to debate. Spanberger's late night rant made it clear she will continue to hide from parents.



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