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🚩 Spanberger Coaxed Police Chief Into Policy Violation

WOODBRIDGE, Va. – A new ad from Abigail Spanberger's campaign this week featured the Culpeper Town Police Chief parroting talking points for the embattled Democrat while apparently violating Culpeper's Town Policy.

WHY IT MATTERS: Spanberger's blatant disregard for Culpeper's Town Policy, and ultimately the job of the Police Chief (which she may have put in jeopardy) show the desperate lengths to which Abigail will go to hold on to her seat.

The Policy Violation: Culpeper Town Policy Section 4.3 outlines parameters for engagement in political activity by employees of the township. Specifically, paragraph (c.) states:

  • "Town employees may participate in political activities while they are off duty, out of uniform and not on the premises of their employment with the Town...Town employees shall not engage in other political activities while in Town uniforms or clothing. Employees shall not engage in political activities while performing official duties for the Town or use any Town property or equipment to engage in political activity."

What They're Saying: In a statement provided to Culpeper Times, Culpeper's Town Manager gave the following statement:

  • "It has come to the Town of Culpeper’s attention that an employee of the Town has publicly endorsed a political candidate in political advertisements while wearing a town uniform and while on the premises of their employment with the Town..."

  • "The employee has been informed of this policy and directed to cease any activity not in compliance with this policy."

What We're Asking: Abigail Spanberger, through incompetence or negligence, coaxed a Police Chief into violating the policy of his township. Will Abigail immediately take this ad off the airwaves and apologize to both Chief Jenkins and the citizens of Culpeper?

The Bottom Line: Abigail Spanberger has proven once again that she is willing to do and say anything to stay in office. Whether it be denouncing Nancy Pelosi while voting with her 100% of the time, moving the goal posts on a debate before altogether canceling, or this new low. The voters will reject Abigail in November.


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