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🆘 Spanberger Campaign Under Fire for Racist Comments

WOODBRIDGE, Va. – Embattled Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger's campaign took a racist turn when staff embraced a bigoted remark around Hispanic voters on Friday.

WHY IT MATTERS: The Spanberger Campaign admitted to having trouble finding support in the Hispanic community; instead of looking to the issues driving their vote, they believe Hispanic voters are drawn to Vega because she looks like them.

In a video posted November 4, an activist and staffer, who identified himself as Spanberger's Deputy Field Director, discussed experiences knocking Hispanic doors. What Was Said:

"A lot of Hispanic voters, when I speak to them talking about Vega...they may be Democrats and then get very much, like confused, will look at this wonderful young person that may look like them to vote for her..."

And, as Spanberger canvasser Katherine White expressed her frustration with Hispanic voters, Spanberger's Deputy Field Director nodded in agreement.

Republicans, with Yesli Vega leading the ticket in VA-07, are making significant inroads with Hispanic voters, as The Washington Post noted. This is inconvenient to the Spanberger campaign, which can only chalk it up to Hispanic voters basing their vote on race, not policy.

The Bottom Line: Abigail Spanberger owes Hispanic voters an apology and an acknowledgement that they are more than capable of voting based on more than the color of their skin. Anything less is embracing the racist spirit of these comments.



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